Battery Analyzers

MaxiBAS BT608

Our new family of wireless battery and electrical system analyzers provide smarter battery service and intelligent system detection at a range of affordability.

Our newest MaxiBAS products, including the BT608, BT609, BT508 and BT506, command the largest vehicle coverage and feature faster vehicle ID with camera based VIN / plate recognition. Other features include battery parameters confirmation, in-depth electrical component testing and automatic battery registration after replacement.

Most importantly all four of our MaxiBAS tools feature new Autel Adaptive Conductance testing for low-charge batteries, ensure cold cranking or reserve battery heath vital to stop/start ignition vehicles.
Our software provides step-by-step graphic instruction for battery position. You can test for 6 and 12 volt batteries, 12 volt and 24 volt charging systems, and cold cranking amp ranges from 100 to 3000 CCA. Test a full range of battery types and reinitialize vehicle systems affected by power loss.