ADAS Calibration

Expansion Package – Adapter Plate

Expansion Package – 5 Line Laser Kit

COMING SOON MaxiSYS ADAS Digital ADAS Expansion Package – Digital Tape Measures

COMING SOON MaxiSYS ADAS Intelligent ADAS Expansion Package – Optical Recognition with 6 Cameras

Autel ADAS Calibration packages now provide smarter technology for both the Standard and MA600 frames, enabling the freedom to calibrate faster and in more locations.

New releases coming soon for the Stationary Frame include a five line laser kit and digital tape measures. Easily upgrade your frame with the newest optical recognition technology. The HD six-camera positioning system offers the fastest setup and the most accurate distance confirmation.

New for the portable MA600 Frame is the MA600CAL3 expansion package. It includes the adapter plate (P/N: RAP600) for ACC, radar and night vision accessories, increasing coverage from single to multi-system calibration.

The Autel advantage is a commitment to accurately target your revenue stream by advancing system coverage beyond LDW calibration. ADAS Calibration powered by Autel Diagnostics means you get the latest OE level coverage from an industry leading provider.